Gijin 's

'Gijin Company' started its activities by production of different type of hinges based on German technology.
The name of this company 'Gijin' comes from local expression which means hinge.
In 1996 the company has developed its activities for the production of different industrial nuts and bolts which are being used in oil and gas as well as electrical, tele-communications and aluminium industries.
Due to the importance of domestic railway networks, its ongoing progress and the available railway networks potential in the country, this company focused on production of different railway parts in 1998 by utilizing experts and experienced engineers, technicians and workers and up-to-date technologies.
'Gijin Company' decide to establish a new production line in this company in order to complete its railway fastening portfolio to be able to provide polymer parts consuming in automotive industry as a subset to 'Gijin' Industrial Group. The new production line is capable of fabricating polymer parts up to 2.5 Kilograms by utilizing European plastic injection machinery sets.
Being awarded of international ISO9001:2000 certificate in quality management in 2005, by URS England and ISO9001:2015 in 2018 shows the special attentions of Gijin company to quality management.
Gijin company has chosen customer orientation as the main strategy for its activities, progress and development.
The establishment of quality management in the company is to achieve continuous improvement to fulfill customer's requirements as the first priority of Gijin Industrial Group.