Vossloh-Type Fastening System

Part Name : Screw(for Concrete Sleeper)

Part Name : Angle Guide Plate

Part Name : Plastic Rail Pad

Part Name : Bolt and Nut for Fish Plate

Part Name : Spring Washer

Part Name : Fish Plate (UIC60, UIC54,U33,...)

Subway Tracks Fastening System

Part Name : Screw Spike

Part Name : T-bolt and Nut

Part Name : Base Plate

Part Name : Omega Rail Clip

Part Name : Guage Block

Part Name : K-Type Clamp, Bolt & Nut

Other Railway-Related Fasteners

Part Name : Screw(for Wooden Sleeper)

Part Name : Bolt and Nut(for Steel Sleeper)

Part Name : Tension Bolt

Part Name : Strength Bolt

Special and
Customized Fasteners

Manufacturer of Special Bolts and Nuts which are being used in a wide range of industries like Power Distribution, Telecommunication and Aluminium Industry


Manufacturer of all kinds of Polymer Products related to Railway and Automotive Industries up to 2.5 Kilograms

Part Name : Angel Guide Plate

Part Name : Plastic Rail Pad UCI-60

Part Name : Plastic Sleeves

Part Name : Guage Block

Oil and Gas

Manufacturer of all kinds of Bolts and Nuts uses in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry such as Hexagonal Bolts, Stud Bolts and etc.

Part Name : Screw ( for concrete sleeper )


Producer of all kinds of fasteners being used in railway , petrochemical and construction

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