Quality Control Division

'Gijin Company' has established its quality control division in order to pursuit company’s quality goals, fulfilling customer’s satisfaction and accomplishing ISO 9001:2008 directives. Our colleagues in this division are experts in statistical quality control, precise measuring methods and analyzing data regarding part’s shape and mechanical properties. Evaluating the quality in Gijin Company is being done among three main phases as below :

  • Controlling input raw material
  • Observing production processes based on defined CP
  • Investigating mechanical and dimensional properties of finished parts based on standards or customer’s requirements


Job description of 'Quality Control Division' of Gijin Company

  • Making databases about related international standards and technical documents
  • Supervising production lines in order to observe every crucial points affecting quality of products
  • Observing and assuring the conformance of laboratories’ performance
  • Analyzing and evaluating suppliers by controlling purchased products from them
  • Drawing quality-related charts in order to obtain proper action plan in production lines
  • Positive and regular customer relationship management in order to gain their feedback about our delivered products

Currently Gijin Company’s laboratory has the capability of running below tests in-house

  • Measuring hardness of products based on Rockwell, Brinell and Wickers, Shore A and D methods
  • Controlling different dimensions of parts by precise-measuring tools and standard gauges
  • Salt spray test

  • Tension test up to M50
  • Impact test for plastic parts
  • Controlling the thickness of coating (hot-dip galvanized parts and Dacrometed parts)
  • Precise weighting of plastic parts (water absorption issue in plastic parts)


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